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Bareback biltong

Bulk 1kg Chimichurri Biltong

Bulk 1kg Chimichurri Biltong

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Don't miss out on one of the new biltong on the block.

One of Bareback's newest creations. Bareback's world first Chimichurri biltong takes you on a journey to South America.

The combination of finely chopped herbs and spices with our 6-day dried biltong, will transport your taste buds to an Argentinian barbecue. A fantastic snack on its own or to impress your new South American girlfriend...or boyfriend. The perfect biltong buddy!

This 1kg Chimichurri Biltong is a healthy and delicious beef snack made in Australia. It is gluten and dairy free. Ideal for keto and paleo diet.

*Please note we will carry limited stock for these and may be on order. We will let you know if items are out of stock and do our best to order stock in as soon as possible. Please allow up to two weeks for fulfillment.*

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Healthy snack made with 100% grass-fed premium quality Australian beef

Flavourful and guilt-free biltong, a delicious air-dried meat snack, that can be paired with any ice cold drink. Dig in for mouth-watering healthy savoury snacks!