Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Biltong?

Biltong is a beef snack dried, cured in a unique and very healthy method that originated in South Africa. BILTONG is derived from the words "BIL" means rump and 'TONG" means strip.

How is Bareback Biltong made?

Bareback Biltong is created over a 6-day period. It is marinated in our herbs and spices for 24 hours, and then hung in our dehydrators; where it is left to cook and dry over a 4-day period. This allows the meat to marinate perfectly, producing the famous bareback flavour. 

How should we keep our Biltong? 

Our Biltong is best kept in a cool dry place. It allows our meat to keep its moisture for a longer period. Keeping intact the beautiful bareback flavour. Once opened, we believe it is necessary to store the biltong in a secured container.

How long does our Biltong last?

Our biltong has a 12-month shelf life. Once opened we advise consumption, within a
3-month period.

Serving Suggestions?

Bareback biltong is a healthy and delicious meat snack, the ideal alternative to fatty chips and snacks. It is perfectly coupled with your favourite brews and beers.

Biltong is usually best devoured while watching your most-loved TV shows or whilst hanging out with mates.