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Sitting alone in a Japanese karaoke bar, an exhausted Dal Murphy had just finished off the entire Lion King Soundtrack. Hunched over and sweaty, the man was disappointed in himself, as he couldn’t continue on with his goal and complete the Lion King 2 Soundtrack as well.

Energy sapped, body cramping, hungry, forlorn and rapacious (yes, he was both in touch with his emotions and a known wordsmith) Dal was suddenly blinded by a ray of light bursting through the curtains of his booth, revealing some kind of apparition who spoke in a soft but gentle voice from what seemed another world.

I’ve heard you singing your beautiful song,
But now you’re not sounding at all very strong,
Have some of my treat,
It’s made purely from meat,
The magical protein filled biltong.

Using the last of his energy, Dal reached forward and took a piece of the carefully preserved and cured meat, placing it into his strabilious mouth. Almost instantaneously Dal jumped out of his seat, bursting out The Lion King’s ‘He Lives in You’, much to the apparition’s joy.

After a few soothing ales, which coupled deliciously with the biltong, Dal realised the shining light from the apparition was nothing more than the hallway light, whilst the apparition itself was merely a South African janitor who was beginning his midday shift.

With this new lease of life and energy flowing through his veins, right there and then, Dal made a promise to himself to return to his native Australia to create his own biltong, for all to enjoy and benefit from. That biltong is none other than Bareback Biltong.

Customers’ Review

Great taste and great product awesome work Dallan and the team!

– JP Smith

Customers’ Review

Being an electrician, I am always looking for easy and great tasting snacks for work! Bareback Biltong you tick all these boxes.

– Tom Langham

Customers’ Review

I have finally found a whole food that gives me a decent protein hit! Being an active person, I am always looking for a great post gym snack!

– Angie Smith

Customers’ Review

I love beer and now love biltong! Is there any better combination an ice-cold beer and bag of Smoked Chilli biltong!

- Lindsay Ward

Customers’ Review

So happy our local pub now stocks bareback biltong! Fridays will never be the same! Great work Dallan 

- Paul Hale

Customers’ Review

The convenience of the monthly subscription along with the best tasting Biltong in Australia makes me a customer for life!

– Mark Bartholomeusz

Customers’ Review

We live very social lives and do lots of entertaining at home. I love adding bareback biltong to all my platters!

– @the_platter_collective

Customers’ Review

Holy that is some good gear boys!

- @brischowboys

Customers’ Review

Born right here in our fine city are @barebackbiltong Brisbane’s best! They certainly get our vote

- @urbanlistbne